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    I’d MUCH rather hear about you, but OK I can go first…

    Hello, my name is Monica Verbosky, Registered Psychotherapist CRPO (#11969) & Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). I received my MA in Counselling and Psychology from Yorkville University, I have completed EMDRIA approved EMDR 1&2, hold a certification in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and I continue to enthusiastically study the latest techniques for my clients such as Wounded Warrior Warrior Health BETR technique to assist First Responders and Trauma Exposed Professionals. I enjoy serving those 21+ across Ontario in areas including but not limited to: anxiety, relationship issues, and trauma.


    After years of living and travelling from Asia to the Middle East, Beijing to Istanbul, consulting with people from a variety of backgrounds on their toughest business and IT challenges, a transition to psychotherapy has been a natural fit for me. Leading with a purposeful and integrated approach which combines strong listening, genuine curiosity and an ear for patterns, as well as a lens for finding growth opportunity for my clients while prioritizing empathy reflective of my experience living amongst and working beside people from diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view.

    My people experience has taught me two very important things: hope is essential for real change, and every client ultimately deserves the credit for their progress. No one was built to do it alone, so I get the pleasure of walking along side them.

    Choosing a therapist is an incredibly personal choice and I encourage a free 15 min consult before our first appointment. If for any reason we determine we are not a fit, I will endeavor to refer you to someone else who may be better suited to your needs.


    MYSOLTALK Psychotherapy debuted Nov 9, 2022 as a preventative mental health statement. Preventative mental health is at the heart of my passion to help people. I enjoy approaching psychotherapy from a strengths based perspective, and I have hope for everyone who walks into my office …period. Regardless of where you came from or what you come with, I am intentional about honoring the whole person emotionally, mentally, physically, socially, and spiritually according to the clients values and mental health goals and look forward to potentially working with you!

    Additional Qualifications

    • 2024 EMDR & IFS Parts (EMDRIA Approved) (Kendhal Hart, Psyd EMDRIA Certified Trainer)
    • 2024 Canadian Certified Counsellor #10009593
    • 2024 Registered Psychotherapist CRPO # 11969
    • 2024 Contributing Author : Ethics in Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy
    • 2024 Ethical Notetaking : Dawn McBride (Dawn Psychological Services)
    • 2023 EMDR Parts 1 & 2 EMDRIA Approved (EMDR Consulting)
    • 2022 MACP, Magna Cum Laude (Yorkville University)
    • 2022 DBT Certification (Psychwire)

    Are you ready to take the first step?

    My Values


    Living in a small area in Central Ontario, I value my own privacy.  Applying what I would want from a healthcare provider and honoring my professional obligations, confidentiality is one of my top values for my clients so they feel free to unpack not only the personal but the private in the confines of a psychotherapy session.  Everyone deserves that space.


    At MYSOLTALK Counselling and Consulting I have hope for everyone who walks in my office.  Period.

    Empathy & Compassion

    Empathy has been described as carrying another's pain. Compassion has been described as taking action to relieve the suffering of others.  MYSOLTALK endeavors to be characterized by both of these values regardless of someone's race, gender, age, creed, or caste.


    MYSOLTALK understands both the richness and complexity that culture brings to counselling space and we endeavor to conduct counselling from a culturally informed perspective.

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